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Vents let you enjoy warm breezes when open, while shutting out cold wind and rain when closed. The UV-resistant frame keeps its appearance and the removable screen makes cleaning easy. With ten adjustment locations for latches, you have options for placement of the vent latch on the frame.

Privacy Rating: Clear Glass 1 | Rainglass 9

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Glass Textures
  • Clear

  • Rainglass

Privacy Rating
  • 9
ID Sizes Ratings
199-CL 20" x 24"
699-CL 20" x 36"
799-CL 22" x 36"
699-RN 20" x 36"
799-RN 22" x 36"
699-IMGBG 20" x 36"
799-GBG 22" x 36"
699-RNGBG 20" x 36"
799-RN-GBG 22" x 36"

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