What You Should Know About Replacement
Window Warranties In Mandarin, FL

Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard By
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When you install replacement windows in Mandarin, FL, you may have questions about the warranty. Often, your window contractor will go over the document with you, but you might not know what questions to ask. For instance, what is it? What does it entail? And how does a window warranty differ from a home warranty?

During the moment, these questions may escape you, so you do not end up receiving the information you need or want. In fact, you may not even know what questions to ask. That is why we are providing this article. That way, you will understand your rights and the company’s responsibilities after a replacement window installation.

1. Home Warranties Vs. Window Warranties
In The Jacksonville Area

You may have both a home warranty and a replacement window warranty. They are not the same thing. Below is a look at how they differ.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is essentially an insurance policy that covers repairs to the home and to its contents. When you experience an accident, such as a falling tree branch that damages the roof, you contact your home warranty company, which covers the cost of repairs in exchange for a small monthly payment on your part.

Some of the features of your house that a home warranty covers include the following:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Foundation
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Built-in microwaves
  • Small and large appliances

Notice that “windows” are not listed among the items covered. They are typically considered a structural element of the home rather than an “appliance” or “system”, which are the primary focus of a home warranty.

Window Warranty

However, you can receive a window warranty from your replacement window installer and/or manufacturer. The window warranty should cover all parts of the window structure, including the frame and the glass. It also covers moving parts.

Coverage varies by provider, but it typically covers the following items:

  • Defects
  • Materials
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Vision Obstructions 
  • And Glass Breakage

If the product displays a defect, you may have to contact your window’s manufacturer. On the other hand, if the problem is with the installation of the window(s), you should instead contact the installer if the two are different entities.

2. What Does a “Lifetime” Warranty
Mean In Mandarin, FL?

Many replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty. This covers defects in the appearance and performance of the product during its expected lifetime. Be aware that such a warranty often covers only the cost of the materials that need to be replaced. It may not cover the cost of labor to replace them.

Also, be aware that “lifetime” refers not to the lifetime of the homeowner but rather to the expected lifespan of the product. The length of the expected lifetime varies based on the product type, quality, original price, and materials. A cheap window may be warrantied only for a few years, while a quality product may be warrantied for decades.

The length of the warranty also depends on the manufacturer. Some makers cover every part of the window, while others only cover non-glass portions for 5 to 10 years but glass for up to 20 years. Be sure to ask your sales representative what you can expect them to cover and for how long.

3. What Is An “Installation” Warranty In Mandarin, FL?

An installation warranty is a warranty provided by the installer that guarantees the quality of the labor for a period of time after installation. If there is a defect in the installation, it should normally make itself noticed within the first few months after the work is complete.

It is rare for problems to arise years down the line after replacement windows have been mounted. For this reason, a one-year installation warranty is usually sufficient.

4. Are Replacement Window Warranties Transferable?

Some window warranties last for decades. This may be even longer than you will own the home. For this reason, some window warranties are transferable. This means that you can transfer the warranty to the new owner of the home so they can receive the benefit of its coverage.

This is an undeniably useful feature. The new owners benefit because they receive coverage against damage, defects, and other issues that might arise. You benefit because you can use the warranty as a bargaining chip to boost the resale value of your home or to encourage a quick sale.

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