Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does front door glass cost?

A. The average price range to add or replace decorative glass in exterior front doors is between $800 to $2,000 based on the glass style you choose. Typically, the more ornate the glass is, the higher the overall cost is. However, we do have very nice ornate glass at the lower to mid-range as well. The total price can vary between the style of glass you choose, glass size and type of door you have.

Q. Can you add decorative door glass to my existing front door?

A. Yes! Door Glass Makeovers have become extremely popular in Jacksonville and throughout the country. Adding decorative door glass to existing front doors is a unique service which provides a huge impact, and we can install your choice of glass into existing wood, steel, or fiberglass doors!

Q. If my door isn't new will I need to buy a new front door?

A. Most of the time we can put new decorative door glass into any existing door. Typically, the only issue that prevents us from putting glass into an existing door is the condition of the existing door. For example if you have a steel door and it’s rusting, or if you have a wood door that has rot or in disrepair. However, we can evaluate your door and determine if it’s a good candidate for a door glass makeover.

***Not sure if your door is steel or fiberglass? Just try to stick a refrigerator magnet to it. If it sticks, it’s a steel door!

Q. My front door isn't a standard size - can I still get door glass?

A. Even if your door is considered a “wide panel” or isn’t a standard size, we have an installation method to install new glass into your existing door. We can put new glass into fiberglass doors, steel doors, wood doors and very tall doors. We have glass in all sizes too, so we can help you determine the best glass size for the look you are trying to achieve.

Q. What type of material should I buy for my windows and doors?

A. At Jacksonville Doors and Windows, we offer vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum clad wood for all of our windows and doors. Regardless of the material you choose, your new windows and doors will be protected and impervious to the elements. Some homeowners like the natural look of a mahogany-stained wood door on the exterior and with proper care and upkeep, these products can last forever. We can achieve the same look of a wood exterior stained door in an impervious fiberglass door without the required upkeep. Being a partner with Pella allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on our Pella vinyl frames, Pella fiberglass frames and Pella aluminum clad wood windows and doors. It’s truly up to you! Give us a call or send a message online today and we’ll help you achieve the exact look you desire.

Q. Do you replace windows and doors?

A. Yes! We are a licensed contractor and our experienced team has over 40 years of experience in the replacement windows and doors installation industry. At Jacksonville Doors and Windows our friendly professionals will handle all measuring, permits, engineering, installation, and final inspection. And our work is backed by a rock-solid labor guarantee!

Q. How secure is the door glass you install? Can it be easily broken?

A. No, our decorative door glass cannot be easily broken. All of our decorative door glass includes the thickness of two or three panes. The outside two panes are tempered safety glass. It would require a lot of strength and effort to break through the outer layer, the inner layer, then the third layer. Breaking our decorative door glass requires much more effort and sound than those with bad intentions are willing to put forth.

Q. What is the warranty on the Door Glass Makeover and labor?

A. Decorative Door Glass and between-the-glass-blinds include a ten (10) year warranty and our labor is covered for 2 years.

Q. Will my window frames and door glass frames need to be painted every year?

A. Our decorative door glass and Pella® window frames utilize an extremely high-quality design and the material does not require painting, but they are able to be painted any color based on your personal preference.